BongaCams Now Accepting Multiple Crypto Currencies

Buy BongaCams Tokens With Crypto Currencies

Buy BongaCams Tokens With Various Crypto Currencies

Camming site BongaCams has announced that they’re now offering a variety of crypto currencies. In their own words’ “Not just Bitcoin, but also Litecoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies”. What other crypto currencies are available? That wasn’t specified in the announcement. It’s easy to assume a 3rd party is being used for the service, and it’s whatever cryptos they support. It’s also easy to assume that all the ones with major recognition are supported.


With Bitcoin Falling, Are Offering Alternatives Mandatory?

Bitcoin has been steadily trending down. It seems the bubble may have burst and the bandwagon effect that was feeding the inflation has wore off. What this means for other crypto currencies? I’m certain that many economists have a variety of theories. But in the catalyst that is currently occurring, it raises the question of whether networks should look outside of Bitcoin for token purchasing and/or payouts. And if catering to multiple crypto currencies is important, which ones should be included in that roster?


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