How To Get Started With Anal Sex / Anal Play (Pt 1) by Jasmine Jade

How To Get Started With Anal Sex / Anal Play Have you ever wondered about anal play but are too nervous to give it a try? Hopefully my anal series will help ease your mind. This comes from someone that usually does not do anal play, but I will try it once in awhile. Many […]

Vanilla Models: Transition To Fetish Without Going FullBDSM by Jasmine Jade

Spice Up Your Vanilla Clip Store With Fetish Content Are you thinking about adding some fetish to your clips store but may not know where to start? Looking over most clips sites one might think that fetish only involves BDSM, which tends to scare some individuals. Fear not! You do not have to be into […]

How The Snapchat Update Made Premium Accounts Easier – By Aerie Lovee

New Snapchat Upgrade Makes Premium Accounts Easier Upgrades have been made to Snapchat! Why is that adult news? Well, these new upgrades make hosting a premium story MUCH easier than ever before all from one account! No more stress of managing two accounts or having to switch between friends only and public view! So how does […]

Tips For Beginner BDSM Models (Personal Experience!) by Jasmine Jade

Major Lessons From My First Bondage Shoots I have been in the adult industry for over 15 years I have learned many things along the way, I want to share with you some of my experiences for you to learn from. Here are my personal experiences from my first bondage shoots. The major lessons learned: […]

BBW Models – Pulling In Tons Of Traffic, But Neglected By Networks by Aerie Lovee

Who Are “BBW” Models? (Big Beautiful Women) They are big, they are beautiful, and they are HIGHLY stigmatized. Big beautiful women in the adult industry are on the rise, and I see no decline in the near future. The search term “BBW” is used so much that it is a trending topic on all major clip […]

Shooting Outdoors, In Public Places and Other Locations by Jasmine Jade

Where Can You Shoot Besides Your Home? It really depends on what type of content you are looking to do. With everyone having a Youtube channel, Facebook live, etc. few people question when you have your phone or camera out shooting. But, when there is nudity, you will run into issues. Shooting outdoors and in […]

Consider Chargebacks When Choosing Sites by Aerie Lovee

Camgirls: Beware of Sites That Don’t Cover Chargebacks Picking sites to work with can be very difficult as a new cam model, and even as an experienced one. One of the scariest drawbacks about working with a website can be their policy on chargebacks. Working with a site that doesn’t cover chargebacks can leave you […]

MyGirlVids: Adult Clip Site With Anti-Pirate Technology

MyGirlVids: Sell Adult Videos, Skype Shows and More! MyGirlVids is a network for selling adult videos, custom content and Skype shows. MyGirlVids features innovative video fingerprinting technology. This technology makes encodes information into the actual video file. This way, if it ever gets uploaded to a tube site, torrent site or elsewhere on the internet, […]

ManyVids Competition: May The 4th Be With You! (2017)

ManyVids Star Wars Themed ‘May The 4th Be With You’ Contest May the 4th is coming up quick, and ManyVids is celebrating May the 4th with a Star Wars themed competition.  Even if you don’t like Star Wars (wierdo) you can still compete. This is a Twitter competition, and all that’s required to compete is a […]

Sugarbabies: Using Sugar Income For Loans / Mortgage, By Aerie Lovee

Applying For A Loan / Mortgage With Sugar Dating Income Being a sugar baby has its perks. You get to spend money on the stuff that usually you wouldn’t be able to get yourself because of budgeting and those dreaded bills. It takes away a lot of the stress that many people who aren’t sugar […]