Become A Chaturbate Model and Make Money From Live Camming


How To Become A Chaturbate Model

Becoming a Chaturbate model is quick and easy. To register, simply fill-out this form. You’ll have to verify that you are at least 18 years of age before you can start earning. As soon as your age is verified, you’ll be able to login and start earning tokens. Chaturbate is a very popular camming site that allows models to get paid from live adult camming, selling photo and video content directly from the profile page and running your own fanclub. It’s a highly customizable chat site and perfect for any new performers.


Quick Information:

  • Services: Camming, Clips, Fanclubs
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples, Groups
  • Model Earnings: 5¢ / Token
  • Payout Schedule: Daily*
  • Min Payout: $50
  • Payout Methods: Check, ACH, Paxum, FirstChoicePay
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Geo-Blocking: Yes
  • DMCA Services: Yes


Does Becoming A Chaturbate Model Cost Money?

No, Becoming a Chaturbate model is completely free. Chaturbate works on a revenue-sharing system. When a model gets paid, Chaturbate will take their cut out of the tokens earned. Chaturbate only gets paid when you get paid and takes their cut from the customer directly.


What You’ll Need To Become A Chaturbate Broadcaster

In order to get started with Chaturbate, you’ll need a couple things. There’s a very good chance that you’ve already got everything. Here’s what you’ll need to become a Chaturbate broadcaster:

  1. Computer – Windows or Mac. Must be able to run Adobe flash.
  2. Webcam – HD is highly preferred but a stock laptop webcam can work. If it’s not HD, upgrade right away!
  3. High-Speed Internet – Must be high-speed. A wired connection (not WIFI) is suggested.
  4. Digital Copy Of ID – You’ll need a digital image file of your government-issued photo ID. This is to verify age and identity for record keeping requirements and tax reasons. Your real identity is always kept private.


Things To Consider / Do Before Signing Up For Chaturbate

Before you sign up for Chaturbate, there’s some things you should consider. Going into your camming career with some forethought will help with the learning curve and lead to a better start for your camming career. Here’s some of the things you should consider before getting started with Chaturbate:

Adult Stage Name – Picking out your adult stage name is very important. This is going to be your adult identity and what you’ll go by on your camming site, social media accounts for your adult persona and any other adult networks you sign up for. Make sure it’s something you like, easy to remember, catchy, sexy and bonus points for being clever.

Comfort Zone / Show Types – It is possible to be a non-nude / softcore performer, but most models perform hardcore acts. Knowing your comfort zone and where you draw the line is very important. Taking some time to brainstorm the type of shows you want to perform is helpful too.

Most models perform in public chat working towards tip goals. When the goal is met the model performs the show. In private chat, shows are usually negotiated before the private chat starts to avoid any misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises. Knowing what you’re comfortable with and having some preplanned shows to perform will avoid confusion and help you succeed. Most models will have a Tip Menu  and Chat Rules on their profile. This helps potential customers learn your limits and what you’re willing to do.

There’s a tutorial at the bottom that shows some ways you can easily create professional looking tip menus and chat rules, all 100% free.

Setting Up The Camming Area – Where are you going to cam? Most models perform in the bedroom and a lot of them create a dedicated camming room. You’ll want your area clean, functional and well lit. There’s a tutorial at the bottom that goes over proper lighting and how to setup a camming area.


Signing Up With Chaturbate

Signing up as a Chaturbate broadcaster is easy. The first step is creating your broadcaster account. Fill out this form to get started. Once your account is created, you’ll have to verify your account and identity. Don’t worry, your personal information is always kept private. During this step, you’ll need a digital copy of your photo ID and a headshot of you holding your ID. You’ll also have to read and agree to the model agreement.

Once all the files are uploaded and your information is filled out, you’ll have to wait for a Chaturbate staff member to manually review and verify your information. This is to make sure you’re over the age of eighteen and is required for all models. Once your account is approved, you can start performing and earning money on Chaturbate.


Your Chat Room And Live Feed

Each model / couple gets their own chat room. When you sign on and start broadcasting, your chat room will appear on the homepage and any relevant category pages. You can modify tons of aspects of the chat room through different means. There’s a tutorial on customizing the Chaturbate chat box that goes over how to modify the text and font, mute users, create moderators and other chat related items.

All your bio / personal information will also appear underneath the chat box and your live feed. This section will also display any photo or video content you’ve got for sale. Chatuurbate let’s you add certain HTML elements to your bio description and this can be used to create stunning visual bio pages. There’s a tutorial on creating visual Chaturbate profiles that you should definitely watch.

There’s also an App Store that lets you add custom apps and bots to your Chaturbate chat room. These apps can add customizability not possible with just modifying your profile pages. The apps can add fun and sexy games, allow you to set tip goals, automatically send thank you’s to tippers, automatically post messages periodically on your chat box and more. Best of all, in the app store, there’s an indicator that will tell you which Chaturbate apps have made the models the most money! Learn more about Chaturbate apps and bots.


Why You Should Customize Your Profile

Your profile page is a way to stand out from the crowd. Most new models have a simple text-based profile that doesn’t give much information about that model or the shows. Having a full bio, a tip menu, chat room rules and what you’re willing to do and what’s off limits can be incredibly helpful. It lets potential customers learn more about you and see if what you offer caters to their fetishes.

You can also use the profile to upsell / cross-sell other services. Many models will sell other services such as phone sex, social media follows, worn panties and lingerie and other services directly from the profile using tokens. More about that is explained below.


How To Make Money On Chaturbate

There’s tons of ways to earn money on Chaturbate. Of course camming is the main source of income, but there’s even different types of cam shows to consider. It might all be overwhelming at first, but once you learn the ropes, it’ll become much easier. Here’s how to make money on Chaturbate:


Make Money From Public Chat

Public chat is the best way of making money on Chaturbate. In public chat, you either work towards tips or work towards tip goals. Working towards tip goals is generally the most popular. There are apps that can be used to automatically set the goals and countdown as tips are made. When working towards tip goals, the customers in your chat room all pitch in until the goal is met. Once the goal is met, you perform the indicated show.

In addition to being more profitable, public chat makes it easier to build up a following. This is because you get exposure to more customers than you would in private chat. In private chat, you’re only engaging with a single customer. In public chat, you’re engaging everyone. If they like what they see, they’ll follow you and know whenever you log onto Chaturabate.


Make Money From Private 1-on-1 Shows

1-on-1 shows are private and charged by the minute. Shows are usually negotiated before the private session starts. This is to make sure that you’re comfortable with the type of show the customer wants and to avoid surprises. It’s suggested to list what kind of shows you offer on your profile page. This will give potential customers an idea of what you offer. If you list the type of fetishes they’re into, they’ll proposition you on a private show. If you don’t offer the type of show they’re looking for, it saves everyone the time and effort of discussing possibilities.

Most models prefer public shows over private shows. This is because you can earn from multiple people and get more publicity than you would in private chat. Going into private chat from public will kill the public chat room. After the private chat ends, you’ll have to build up the number of people watching you in public again. That is why most models would prefer to keep the public chat going rather than accepting an offer for private.


Make Money Selling Photo Sets and Videos

In addition to making money from live camming, you can also sell photo and video content directly from your Chaturbate profile page. Simply upload the photos or videos, select whether it’s public or premium, select the token amount you want for each purchase and it’ll automatically appear on your profile! The cool thing about selling content sets is that you have the potential to earn, even when you’re offline.


Make Money Running A Fanclub

If you’re selling photo and video content on Chaturbate, you can also enable the fanclub feature. The fanclub feature lets people subscribe to access all your content instead of purchasing each piece of content individually. In addition, their name will appear green in your chat room. This is a way to easily identify fanclub members and you should always give any fanclub member more attention than you’d give anyone else, aside from your best customers / tippers.

In order to make fanclubs appealing, you’ll need tons of content for sale. That way it’s more affordable to subscribe instead of paying for each content set. You get to set the price for the monthly rebills and get paid every month from each one of your fanclub members. It’s also helpful to continuously produce content so there’s new stuff constantly being added for your subscribers. This will keep them a part of your fanclub and keep those monthly rebills coming in.


Make Money Selling Additional Products / Services On Chaturbate

In addition to live camming, selling content sets and running a fanclub, you can also sell a wide range of other services directly from your Chaturbate profile. This is done using Chaturbate tokens. Models who are practicing this will have a menu of their other services and how much tokens it costs posted on their profile. Different models sell a wide range of services and what can be offered is only limited by the law, Chaturbates terms of use and your imagination. Some of the things that models sell on Chaturbate:

  • Worn panties / lingerie
  • Snapchat follow
  • Signed prints / photos
  • Custom content requests
  • Whatsapp, Kik or other messaging app follows
  • Anything else you can think of

In addition to having a menu of other services, it’s possible to link to your website from your Chaturbate profile. From your website it’s possible to link to the other sites you belong to, where you might be selling other adult services, or link to pages on your website that detail what kind of services you offer outside of live camming on Chaturbate.



Register As A Chaturbate Broadcaster Today!

Like what you see? Then become a Chaturbate broadcaster today! Chaturbate is the most innovative camming site, giving models the ability to truly customize their chatroom and shows. It allows models to offer a wide range of services, doesn’t discriminate based on gender and is very easy to use. The earning potential is near-limitless. The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started right away!


Chaturbate Tips / Tutorials

New performers and experienced webcam models can all learn something from the user-created video tutorials. Learn how to use apps and bots, configure your account, setup your camming area with the proper lighting and more! Here’s some tips for Chaturbate broadcasters:


Chaturbate Tutorial: How To Use Apps and BotsChaturbate Tutorial: Apps and Bots

The app store is one of the most innovative feature of Chaturbate. Learn how to add apps and bots to your chat room and what some of the better apps are. Apps can add a wide range of customization and functionality to your camming shows.





Chaturbate Tips: Chat Room SettingsChaturbate Tutorial: Chat Room Settings and Features

Learn how to setup and configure your chat room. There’s tons of chat features that you can change, ranging from the font and color for all text, who can speak and who’s muted and more. Configuring your chat room has many advantages.




Chaturbate Tip: Proper Webcam and Lighting SetupChaturbate Tutorial: Setting Up Camming Area and Lighting

Setting up your camming area is an important part of being a webcam model. This tutorial will go over the camming equipment, how to setup a professional lighting system without breaking the bank and more. Learn how to adjust your surroundings to look your best while performing live on webcam.



Chaturbate Tutorial: Creating Professional Profile PagesChaturbate Tutorial: Creating Visual Chaturbate Profile Pages

Don’t settle for a text-based Chaturbate profile. It’s easy to make highly customized visual profile pages. Adding images and custom fonts and colors make your Chaturbate profile stand out. Create visual bios, tip menus, highest tipper boards and more.




Chaturbate Payout InformationChaturbate Tutorial: Age Verification and Receiving Payments

Learn how to get started with Chaturbate. This tutorial goes over registration and setting up payment information. It also covers affiliate marketing and other cool features.




New Models: Guide To Getting Started With Camming

We’ve written a guide to becoming a camming model. It covers everything you’ll need to know. Learn about the required equipment, what’s required before you get started, how to select a camming network and more. The guide links to tons of useful additional information and resources and it’s updated constantly as new information is found and existing information changes.

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