Become A CamWithHer Model: Additional Information

Become A CamWithHer Model: Additional Information

CamWithHer is a cam network with some great payout rates, non-nude optionality, and the ability to earn money through fan clubs and selling photo and video content. On CamWithHer, anyone can make money working from home as a webcam model. Here’s all the details.


Quick Information:

  • Services: Camming, Clips, Fanclub, Snapchat
  • Model Percentage: 50-70%
  • Pay Schedule: Bi-Weekly
  • Payouts: Check, ACH, Wire, FirstChoicePay
  • Min Payout: $100
  • Chargebacks: Not Covered
  • DMCA Protection: Yes
  • Regional Blocking: Yes


Here are some of the main features of CamWithHer:

  • Higher percentages than with any other cam network. We pay our models up to 70% and if they refer their own customers, they get up to 80%. Other companies say they pay the highest percentages, but ask them and find out for yourself.
  • Free video mode is optional with us. You do NOT have to be live on cam 24/7.
  • There are no freeloaders on our network. Our system is set up so if you’re broadcasting in free video mode, customers are prompted to make a small tip every half hour in order to continue viewing your webcam.
  • We are nude optional. You can cam based on your comfort level. Yes, you can still make really good money as a non nude model. We LOVE beautiful (and handsome) models, nude or not.
  • You can set your own rates with us. Charge as little or as much as you want (within reason).
  • We offer multiple ways to make money besides just on cam. We have fan clubs, zip sets, content sales, tips, and more ways to make money while you are not even at your computer!
  • We have an awesome support staff to help if you need it. You have direct access to the owner’s phone number when you login to your model account. Not many webcam companies can say that these days.
  • We are known for our quality of models and not our quantity. If you make it on our team, you will be part of the best lineup of webcam models.


CamWithHer Model Payout Rates

CamWithHer pays out 70% and 80% if the models refer their own customers. Models have complete control over their own rates. You can set your rates as high or as low as you wish. You can even provide your devoted fans an adjusted rate on a whim. It’s quick and easy to change your rates within your profile.


How do I get paid?

CamWithHer pays their models once or twice per month depending on model preference. Payment methods: wire, direct deposit, check, or through Payoneer. It is up to you.


Do I have to get naked? What are the limits?

No. Models can be just as sexy as any pornstar without having to go that far. Their style is like that of Maxim for the girls and Men’s Fitness for the guys. Non-nude, pushing the limits, and very hot. However, if you are the more daring type, they do allow female models to go topless in VIP, or both female and male models have the option to create a nude account.


How much do I have to be online?

Your schedule is completely up to you. Obviously, the more you are online, the more money you will make.


What do I need in order to cam?

All you need is a computer, high speed internet, and a webcam (preferably a HD version). Models must come from primarily English speaking countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc). You MUST be able to provide two forms of legal ID, no exceptions. It’s the law.


Do you accept studios or studio models?

No, studios and studio models are not accepted at this time.


Can I use a fake name / identity?

YES! In fact, you should use a fake name, fake location, and anything else you wish to hide. The cam software allows models to block locations based on zip code, state, and more so that you can avoid running into people from your own city / state / location.


Do I always have to broadcast my webcam for free?

CamWithHer is one of the only webcam companies out there that give the option to broadcast your webcam in free mode. Most companies force the model to always broadcast free, but they let the model decide.


How Do I Signup To Become A Model

Fill out this form. Models are required to submit two face shots, two full body shots, proof of being eighteen years old or older and an audition video (MyFreeCams only). Be sure to state you found them from this site! No clue what they do with that data, but maybe it’ll help us out over here 😉



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