Become An Adult Webcam Performer

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Interested in becoming an adult webcam performer? Becoming a camming model enables you to make good money working out of the comfort of your own home. Set your own hours, perform the type of shows that you want to perform and be your own boss! The only real requirement is that you’re over the age of eighteen (21 in some countries) and you have all the necessary equipment. Here’s how to get started as an adult webcam performer.


Required Equipment To Become An Adult Webcam Performer

In order to get started, you’ll need some equipment. Here’s what is required to get started as an adult webcam model:

  • Computer – Check the hardware requirements when researching camming sites to join.
  • Webcam – Preferably an HD (some sites require it). A stock webcam can work temporarily, but you’ll want to upgrade as soon as possible to improve the quality of your shows.
  • High-Speed Internet – Check the camming site for upload requirements. Faster the better. You don’t want your shows to lag.
  • Place To Perform – You’ll need a place to perform the shows. It should be clean and tidy, well lit and a distraction-free place where nobody will walk in on you.

There’s also some suggested gear. Lingerie and other sexy outfits are great for your shows, even if you spend most your time naked. If you’re planning on using any toys in your performances, you’ll need those. You’ll also want to brainstorm what kind of shows you want to perform, and if any other items are required for those shows, you’ll need to acquire that as well.


Things To Do Before Getting Started

Before you get started, there’s certain things you’ll want to think about. Being prepared now will make your start a lot easier. Here’s some things to do and consider before getting started:

  • Pick out your stage-name – You’ll need to create your adult persona. This is what you’ll go by on webcam, on all social networks and other web properties. You’ll want to make it something sexy, easy to remember and bonus points for being clever.
  • Get all the equipment – If you don’t already have all the equipment to start camming, you’ll have to acquire everything you need and setup your camming area.
  • Figure out what shows to do – You’ll want to think about what you want to do, what you’re comfortable doing and where you draw the line in the sand. Figuring out what you’re willing to do and won’t do before starting will help you in performing. Most models indicate their rules on the profile page, including what the models won’t do.
  • Research camming – Reading this article is a good 1st step. You’ll want to research the camming industry as much as possible. It’s also suggested that you read our guide, linked to further down in this article. If you’ve got any additional questions, please email us and we’ll answer them as good as possible.


Adult Webcam Sites Hiring Performers

Once you’re ready to get started, it’s time to select a camming site. There is no Best camming site. All the sites are different and what’s right for one model might not be the best site for another. Some things to consider when selecting a camming site is the features, model payouts and traffic. When comparing camming sites, you should read their model FAQs to learn more about the programs they offer.

Here’s a list: Sites hiring adult webcam models


Learn More: Read The Full Guide To Getting Started

Learn more about becoming a webcam model. Our full guide contains all the information you’ll need to get started. The guide is updated with new information and modifying whenever things change. It links to tons of good articles that give you additional information on specific topics. It’ll teach you everything you need to know to succeed as an adult webcam model.

Read The Guide: How To Become An Adult Webcam Model


Offer Other Adult Services Besides Live Camming

In addition to live camming, there’s tons of other services that you can offer as well. Here’s some of the other major ways to get paid as an independent model in the adult industry:

Producing and Selling Homemade Porn – Get paid from producing and selling your own homemade porn. Either sell solo content, or perform with your partner. Selling homemade porn is great as each video placed on the market has the potential to generate sales for life!

Phone Sex Operator – Get paid from phone sex. You can make money talking or texting. A 3rd party is used to encrypt the calls and can send them directly to your mobile phone, all while keeping your real phone number private.

Live Skype Sex – Very similar to camming, except it takes place over Skype instead of a camming site. Get the tools you need to promote, book and perform your Skype shows.

Create A Subscription Fan Club – If you’re producing content, you can use it to create a premium subscription paysite. Get a free website builder and hosting allowing you to easily create your very own fan club site.