How To Balance Your Boyfriend With Your Sugar Daddy

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Tips For Balancing Sugar Dating With Your Personal Relationship

Having a sugar arrangement does not mean that you can’t also have a boyfriend. In fact, many sugar babies have successful love lives with both their sugar daddy and their boyfriends. Making this happen does require open communication, boundaries, and trust on both ends. With your daddy and especially your boyfriend. These tips will help you find a balance in both your sugar dating, and real life. These tips will also help you in mitigating any jealousy, or relationship issues that may arise.


You Must Have Open Communications With Your Boyfriend and Sugar Daddy

The first step in creating the balance is open communication. This starts with being completely open and honest with both parties about the other. Your sugar daddy should be aware that you do have a vanilla boyfriend. Your boyfriend should also be aware that you have a sugar daddy. Of course, if you are wanting to get into sugar dating and already have a boyfriend, it’s important to make your intentions known. All parties should be able to discuss their feelings about this in a respectable way. Especially once you start building your boundaries with each.


Setting Boundaries For Yourself And Your Sugar Daddy

Setting your boundaries in both relationships is the most important point in making sure everyone is happy. These boundaries will be different for both the sugar daddy and the boyfriend. With the sugar daddy, you will have to discuss how often he would want to see you, and for how long each time. Equally important is talking with your sugar daddy about what you are willing and not willing to do during your sugar dates. Your daddy should be willing to discuss these boundaries with you and be willing to be flexible in regards to you and your boyfriends feelings.


Discussing Feelings About Sugar Dating With Your Boyfriend

Now with your boyfriend, the discussion of boundaries can be a touchy subject, but no less important. Whether you are just starting sugar dating, or you have been doing it a while and you are telling a new boyfriend. Being open and honest about what you do and are willing to do with your sugar daddy is vital with your boyfriend. These boundaries consist of knowing what your boyfriend is comfortable with you doing with your sugar daddy, as well as how much does he want to know. Some boyfriends will want you to tell them everything, while others are happy living in the dark. Having the open and honest conversation with your boyfriend here is what will lead to keeping the relationship happy.


Maintaining An Open And Honest Dialogue With Both

Once everything has been discussed and your daddy and boyfriend like the boundaries you have setup, the main way to keep these relationships thriving is to rely on honesty. This honesty will allow you be able to tell your boyfriend when your Sugar daddy wants to take you away for the weekend or vice-versa. It also will help you modify the arrangement later down the line if there are any issues. Keeping this line of communication, and honest will also help your boyfriend with any jealousy issues that may arise.


Juggling A Sugar Dating and Real-Life Dating Relationship Seems Tough!

Balancing both a sugar daddy and boyfriend may sound daunting, and in some cases it will be. If you are able to find that balance though, both relationships will be there for you. This will give you a fully rewarding sugar dating experience for as long as you want.


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