Sex Worker Discrimination and How to Avoid it! By Aerie

Cam Girls: How To Deal With Sex Worker Discrimination

As many cam girl veterans know, the sex industry is highly discriminated against. Even though it is not as bad as it once was, it is still very much a problem in the industry, and it even troubles cam girls! Banks, payment processors, social media, hosting sites, and many more do not allow sex workers to use their services, sometimes even when it is not firmly laid out in their terms of service. I would like to share a personal experience with you where this has happened to me.


Airbnb Denies Service To Cam Girls

I was recently booking a home through Airbnb for my friend (who is also a cam girl) so we could celebrate her birthday! We acquired the funds for the home via Airbnb gift cards, and a few days after booking a home (for $1,249… not very cheap) I received an e-mail that my booking was canceled and my account was terminated. This happened in late November, it is now almost January and my money still hasn’t been refunded, and they are yet to provide me a reason for terminating my account. After doing some research I’ve found out that I’m not the first cam girl this has happened to, Airbnb is a serial sex worker terminator.


Do Not Use These Services To Collect Payments

Now, how do we avoid things like this? Often times, we can’t. Even if you no longer actively participate in sex work some places will still deny you access to their services, or terminate your accounts later on. The best option to avoid sex worker discrimination is to go with sex worker friendly services, or services that don’t explicit lay out in their terms of service that they are against sex work. Another key to avoiding this is to make sure your services that you use do not lay out in their terms of service that their terms can be changed due to situational circumstances.

The following is a list of payment processors, banks, and services that are openly anti-sex worker:

  • Chase Bank
  • Paypal
  • Google Wallet
  • Square Cash
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Amazon
  • WePay
  • GoFundMe
  • Skrill
  • Stripe


Adult-Friendly Banks and Payment Processors

The following is a list of payment processors, banks, and services that encourage sex workers to use their services:

  • Crowdtilt (Promised not to remove Eden Alexander’s fundraiser for a severe infection, which WePay had previously shut down)
  • Wells Fargo (Encouraged people who were shut down by Chase to come to them)
  • Circle Pay (Is not clearly spoken against in their terms of service)
  • WooCommerce (Is not clearly spoken against in their terms of service)
  • Eway (Is not clearly spoken against in their terms of service)
  • Paxum
  • Payoneer


Caution: Companies Might Change Their Policies!

It is clear that companies will sometimes change their stance for the sake of convenience, so always read terms of service and be wary of new services you use. Ask for opinions from others in the community, and don’t miss out on my money by using a service that isn’t sex worker friendly!

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