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Hi there! I’m Katy Churchill, camgirl, phone sex operator, fetish filmmaker, and DIY pornographer. I love baseball, beer, and burgers, and I have big boobs and a big butt. See what I’m saying, BB?

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Katy Churchill: How I Become An Internet Domme

Tips For Models Who Want To Become FemDoms Female Domination is a hugely popular niche in the online adult entertainment market. As the profile of top online dommes has risen,

2018 Camgirl Goals / New Year Resolutions To Consider by Katy Churchill

 2018 New Years Resolutions and Goals For Camgirls Camgirl and clip producer Katy Churchill gives some advice and tips for setting goals for 2018. It’s the new year, and

Getting Started As A Skype Camming Model by Katy Churchill

    THE BASICS   How Shows Are Structured and Paid For Sites offer two main types of shows: pay-per-minute, where a plugin or phone call charges the client per

Video: How To Get Started Producing and Selling Fetish Videos by Katy Churchill

 Tips For Getting Started Selling Fetish Videos Fetish videos can be very popular and very profitable. Fetish videos are unique compared to vanilla videos (explained more below) and you’d

Clip Producers: How To Do Fetish Research by Katy Churchill

Using Clips4Sale (And Other Sites) For More Profitable Fetish Clips Okay, so you’ve chosen a fetish that you’re interested in filming, what do you do now? Before diving into recording

Getting Started With Ass Fetish Clips / Camming Shows by Katy Churchill

How To Make Money With Ass Fetish Clips and Webcam Shows Everyone’s got one, but are you sitting on a pile of cash without even knowing it? I’m talking about

How To Get Started With The Pantyhose Fetish by Katy Churchill

Get Started With Pantyhose Webcam Shows and Clips The pantyhose/stockings fetish is a very popular niche that blends well with both vanilla content and other fetishes. As a clothing item,