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Aerie is a cam girl, content creator, and journalist with 3+ years of experience in the adult industry. While well versed in most things adult related, she is particularly keen on social media, fetishes, and domination. Contact for further inquiries.

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MV Tips: How To Make More Money On ManyVids

ManyVids Tips For New MV Stars Camgirl, clip producer and MV Star Aerie gives some tips on how to be the most successful ManyVids model possible. This video tutorial was designed

Camgirls: OBS Guide and Tips For Webcam Models by Aerie

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) For Webcam Models Open Broadcaster Software (often referred to as OBS) is an open source broadcasting encoder system which is free to download and available for

Camgirls: Tips For Moving Into A New House (Buying or Renting)

Camgirl Moving Guide by Aerie SM Here are some tips and hints for camgirls who are moving, by camgirl and clip producer, Aerie_SM.   Step 1: Securing A Place! Depending

Camgirls: How To Get A Twitter Shadow Ban Removed

Twitter: FOSTA, Shadow-Bans, Switter and Adult Advertising There has recently been a lot of commotion in the community in regards to FOSTA/SESTA and how they will impact the ability of

OnlyFans Banning Pornstar Accounts (No Longer Adult-Friendly?)

    OnlyFans Updates TOS – Bans “High-Risk” Accounts OnlyFans has changed payment processors, with the change there are many new and exciting payout options. There was also something that

SESTA / FOSTA: What It Means For The Adult Industry by Aerie_SM

SESTA and FOSTA Passing: What Does It Mean For Camgirls SESTA and FOSTA have been making their rounds causing many websites and user platforms to make updates to their terms

Google Drive Is No Longer Allowing For Adult Content

Google Drive Bans Adult Accounts / Content Many models who produce clips have a cloud storage system they use in order to easier provide links to their content for members

How To Do CEI (Cum Eating Instruction) Clips and Camming Shows

CEI (Cum Eating Instruction) Cam and Clip Tutorial CEI (Cum Eating Instructions) is a fairly popular fetish. This post will go over the fetish and talk about how performers can

Pornhub Amateurs: Revenue, DMCA Services and Streamate Integration by Aerie_SM

Information On Pornhub’s Verified model Program A lot of models have been making the move to joining Pornhub’s Verified “Model Program” recently. At a payout at about $1 per every

Camgirls: Make Money Off Private Instagram by Aerie_SM

Instagram Is The New Private Snapchat Alternative Running a private Instagram is the new popular subscription to sell, thanks to Snapchat cracking down on adult performers. Running an adult Instagram