Interview With Arousr Model Ellie Jade

Interview With Arousr Model Ellie Jade

Interview With Arousr Model Ellie Jade

Interview with Arousr model EllieJade. In her own words, “The sex industry was always something I was interested in. I wanted to be a Playboy model when I was like 15. I got into it first as a webcam model, though. I followed some webcam models on Tumblr not realizing what they did until later and just ended up finding their site and watching them. I watched for about 6 months until I decided to join and get into that field.”


Career wise, did you have any other options?

I actually have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science! I just don’t really want a 9-5 yet. I like to travel and be able to do whatever I want. I think I am going to go back to school for surgery assisting but haven’t decided yet.


Do you do any other job on the side?

I just do this and webcam at the moment.


Why did you choose the sex industry, what appeals to you?

I have always been very open with my body and not ashamed of being super sexual. I like the free hours and being my own boss. The people I have met in it are pretty great too! Some of my best girl-friends I have met in the sex industry.


How long have you been doing it?

I have been a webcam model for almost 3 years now and a chat host for almost 2 years.


Do your family and friends know about it, what do they say?

Yes, most of my friends and family know about my job. None have anything to say about it. They are about as open as I am and support me in anything I do as long as I am being safe and not in any of trouble.


Does it affect your relationship with them?

It has not affected my relationship with any of them.


Does it affect your love life?

It has affected my love life with certain people. However, anyone that really has an issue with my job, wouldn’t be someone I would want to date anyways.


What makes you proud to work in the sex industry?

I am proud to work in the sex industry because I feel like it is empowering to women. It is how we can safely express ourselves and our sexual attitudes and we do it all on our own terms. I like how we can run things how we want with no one telling us what to do.


Why does it suit you to work in the sex industry as opposed to a more conventional job?

I like to travel and be able to pick up and go any time of the day. Working this job helps me do that. Plus, I can travel the world and take my job with me which I love.


What’s better about it compared to a conventional job?

The fact that I can pick my own hours and days to work. How long I want to work and if I don’t want to, I don’t have to.


Arosur EllieJade


How do you make sure you’re always safe?

I never give out personal info and just make sure to keep it that way.


Do you have friends in the industry?

I have lots of friends in the industry! Members and models! A lot of my current girl-friends are other girls in the industry.


How do you get clients?

From social media mainly! Twitter is what I use to promote myself.


Who are your favorite customers?

I don’t think I really have any favorites! I have different relationships with everyone and like different things about each person. I have some really great customers!!

How has the sex industry helped you grow as a person?

It has made me more confident in myself as a person and who I am. I have learned a lot about myself and it has made me open up so much more. Not only sexually in my regular life but just with coming out of my shell to form better relationships with people. I also used to be very depressed and it has helped me pull out of that. I am SUPER awkward too with people, so this industry has helped my social skills be a little less awkward.


Does it make you feel independent?

SO independent. I like being responsible for myself. Literally, everything you do, you do by yourself and that has helped me become more organized and creative. Constantly have to think of new things to do


How does it empower you to be self-employed?

It empowers me because I am my own boss. I am still running my own company and responsible for many things. It empowers me because I get to make all of my own executive decisions and run things exactly how I want to.


How has it helped you financially?

It has helped me a lot financially! I am able to travel and get things I never really thought I would be able to at my age. I am able to pay off school debts and live a good life!


How has it changed your life overall?

It has changed my life for the better in so many ways! I have been a happier, more independent person since getting into this business. I have traveled so much and met some pretty great people!


What have been your highlights and lowlights of working in the industry?

My highlights have been all the great people I have met and the things I have been able to do since starting. The places I have been able to go to also. The lowlights are sometimes you can get lonely or depressed and in your own head. Then you don’t work and then you don’t make money. Sometimes it is hard to get out of a certain mindset but you have to to be able to continue working.


Will there be an age you stop or will you keep going until retirement?

I will definitely stop at some point. Don’t know at what age. Maybe when I want to really settle down. As for now, I want to pay off things and save some money to be able to invest or even start my own business.


What advice would you give to anyone else wanting to get into the sex industry?

My advice would to just be you!! Yes, we all get ideas from other girls but keep trying things to figure out what best works for you! Don’t ever do anything you aren’t comfortable with just to make money. You will definitely regret that later. Just have fun with your job and your members and be the best version of you!


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