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I’m Aerie: a 19 year old cam model and clip creator. I’ve been working in the adult industry since 3 days after my 18th birthday (can you tell I was eager?) and I’ve been avidly supporting and supplying adult work since! I’m a vanilla and fetish model geared towards FemDom and FinDom, and look forward to spending many years building up more experience and continuing to share that knowledge with others.


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Telling Friends and Family That You’re A Camgirl by Aerie Lovee

Coming Out As A Cam Girl / Adult Performer Many cam girls start in the industry and begin oblivious to the fact that if you are actually successful as a cam girl, the exposure is intense and your family and friends will probably find out. I started camming in high school, and by the time […]

Sex Worker Discrimination and How to Avoid it! By Aerie Lovee

Cam Girls: How To Deal With Sex Worker Discrimination As many cam girl veterans know, the sex industry is highly discriminated against. Even though it is not as bad as it once was, it is still very much a problem in the industry, and it even troubles cam girls! Banks, payment processors, social media, hosting […]

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  Easily Manage A Public / Private Snapchat On One Account A lot of models struggle keeping two separate Snapchat accounts active; one for promotion purposes and one for paid members. It is very daunting (having done it myself) and can leave one account looking sparse and inactive in comparison to the other. This can […]

Camming Aesthetics – Room, Profile, Appearance – Aerie Lovee

Camming Aesthetics – Setting Up Your Room, Profile and More We all know that when we’re on cam we want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, many cam girls invest in pretty lights and nice artwork to add style and beauty to their cam room. When you first get started camming, some girls […]

Working With Other Cam Girls

Performing With Other Camgirls As you have probably noticed there are a lot of cam girls who cam and make video content with other girls. It seems fun, and from personal experience it can be very fun! There are important things you should do before working with another cam girl, that some people tend to […]

The Pregnancy Fetish – Pregnant Cam Shows / Adult Videos

Pregnant Camming Shows and Adult Clips The pregnancy fetish is a kink that is becoming more popular among the cam community, and some of us girls have one question… why? Well after some dedicated research I am ready to explain to you why pregnancy is so appealing to men.   What Makes Pregnant Girls Attractive […]

How To Properly Do An Adult Snapchat Takeover

How To Do A Successful Snapchat Takeover Snapchat takeovers are becoming increasingly popular in the cam community due to the fact they provide models with exposure, allowing them to share pieces of themselves and their image with potential customers. As takeovers become more popular, new Snapchat accounts spring up and the rules and regulations that takeover […]

What To Do If A Camming Customer Is A Risk To Themselves

What To Do If Customers Are Suicidal / At Risk Sometimes being a cam girl makes you feel like you are doubling as a therapist. These men trust you to cater to their needs which are typically physical but every once in a while someone will also rely on you emotionally. A common problem among […]

How To Do BDSM Cam Work

Working As A BDSM Webcam Model BDSM is a fetish genre that is becoming practiced on webcam more often than it ever has, but what does BDSM actually mean? There are many definitions but the best suiting is an overlapping acronym, Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. Bondage is the act of […]

Camming Fetishes: SPH, CEI, CBT, JOI and How To Do Them Right

Camming Acronyms / Fetishes Many cam girls are asked on a regular basis to cater to fetishes, some of which they may not even know about until they start camming. I had to personally learn the awkward and hard way when someone would ask me if I do (insert some strange acronym here) and I’d […]