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I’m Aerie: a 19 year old cam model and clip creator. I’ve been working in the adult industry since 3 days after my 18th birthday (can you tell I was eager?) and I’ve been avidly supporting and supplying adult work since! I’m a vanilla and fetish model geared towards FemDom and FinDom, and look forward to spending many years building up more experience and continuing to share that knowledge with others.


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Post By Aerie Lovee

Snapchat Privacy Risk – How To Turn Off Locations by Aerie Lovee

New Snapchat Update Risk To Adult Performers – How To Fix! The newest Snapchat update hosts a risk to adult performers, celebrities, and even just regular vanilla people… want some more information? If you didn’t know already Snapchat recently released an update which shows your friends your location, and I’m not talking just city or […]

How The Snapchat Update Made Premium Accounts Easier – By Aerie Lovee

New Snapchat Upgrade Makes Premium Accounts Easier Upgrades have been made to Snapchat! Why is that adult news? Well, these new upgrades make hosting a premium story MUCH easier than ever before all from one account! No more stress of managing two accounts or having to switch between friends only and public view! So how does […]

BBW Models – Pulling In Tons Of Traffic, But Neglected By Networks by Aerie Lovee

Who Are “BBW” Models? (Big Beautiful Women) They are big, they are beautiful, and they are HIGHLY stigmatized. Big beautiful women in the adult industry are on the rise, and I see no decline in the near future. The search term “BBW” is used so much that it is a trending topic on all major clip […]

Consider Chargebacks When Choosing Sites by Aerie Lovee

Camgirls: Beware of Sites That Don’t Cover Chargebacks Picking sites to work with can be very difficult as a new cam model, and even as an experienced one. One of the scariest drawbacks about working with a website can be their policy on chargebacks. Working with a site that doesn’t cover chargebacks can leave you […]

‘Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On’ Creates Conflict In The Industry by Aerie Lovee

The Drama Behind Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On and Camland This week in cam land there has been an outcry against a documentary series released on Netflix called “Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On.” The series was created by Jill Bauer, Ronna Gradus, and Rashida Jones. Every episode focuses on a different part of the sex […]

Getting To The Top 50 In ManyVids by Aerie Lovee

My Goal Of Reaching The ManyVids Top 50 This month I have given myself a task, to go up 50 ranks on ManyVids. In March, I started the month in the high 500-somethings. I have recently delved into focusing more time on my video production. The monetary potential in videos is incredible and unbeatable, and […]

Camgirls – Save Money With Knockoff Sex Toys by Aerie Lovee

Save Money By Not Buying Name-Brand Sex Toys! Being a newbie cam girl has its perks, but one of the biggest down sides is the first investment. Many people come into it with the mindset that you just log in, turn on your webcam and go. While that works for some shows, if you want […]

What It’s Like Doing Couples Camming and Dating A Camgirl ~ Aerie and Blake

What It’s Like Doing Couples Camming and Dating A Camgirl Camming couple and clip producers Aerie and Blake discuss what it’s like performing as a couple. Blake also discusses what it’s been like dating a camgirl. The couple are joined by some furry friends who also give their opinions on having owners who are also […]

How To Go From Camming To Professional Modeling by Aerie Lovee

Easy Ways To Get Started With Professional Modeling Cam models are used to the “you’re so pretty, you could be a model!” comments while live streaming, but very few consider it realistic. As an entertainer, most cam models are more than qualified to get into modeling. There are so many different types of modeling that […]

How To Do ‘Small Penis Humiliation’ (SPH) Webcam Shows by Aerie Lovee

How To Do Small Penis Humiliation Camming Shows Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) is a fetish where someone, usually a female domme, insults the size of the viewers dick. SPH is commonly associated and combined with other forms of humiliation and is well suited for femdom models. In addition to SPH, there’s other forms of penis […]