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I’m Aerie: a 19 year old cam model and clip creator. I’ve been working in the adult industry since 3 days after my 18th birthday (can you tell I was eager?) and I’ve been avidly supporting and supplying adult work since! I’m a vanilla and fetish model geared towards FemDom and FinDom, and look forward to spending many years building up more experience and continuing to share that knowledge with others.


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How To Do ‘Small Penis Humiliation’ (SPH) Webcam Shows by Aerie Lovee

How To Do Small Penis Humiliation Camming Shows Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) is a fetish where someone, usually a female domme, insults the size of the viewers dick. SPH is commonly associated and combined with other forms of humiliation and is well suited for femdom models. In addition to SPH, there’s other forms of penis […]

#SMGlitch – The Truth Behind The Hashtag

What Is #SMGlitch and The Story Behind It Streamate models for the past month have felt the struggle, it has even become a popular hashtag on Twitter. #SMGlitch, which refers to the glitchy and horrendous behavior that Streamate has been displaying, still has not been solved. Streamate has continued to make promises that it will […]

Camgirls: Setting Up A Domain / Website by Aerie Lovee

Registering A Domain and What To Do With It Many cam girls who are dedicated to clip making and camming are lacking one thing; a domain name. Investing in your “brand” is very important. Having a direct domain (even if it doesn’t direct to a website you’re running) can be fantastic for you. It helps […]

Camgirls: How To Do Your Taxes

Tax Preparation For Camgirls / Adult Models It is the dreaded tax season! Some cam girls worst nightmare, unless you’re prepared. If you haven’t been filing your 1099 taxes and making quarterly payments, and this is your first year… good news! They cut you a break for not filing quarterlies if it’s your first year […]

Selling Pussy-Pops and Other Edible Treats

How To Sell Pussy-Pops and Other Adult Edibles The latest trend in the adult community is delicious treats sold to customers, with a little twist. The taste of our, well, “lady juices” added, is what makes these tasty treats top sellers! We all get those “I would love to taste you” messages, but this new […]

Telling Friends and Family That You’re A Camgirl by Aerie Lovee

Coming Out As A Cam Girl / Adult Performer Many cam girls start in the industry and begin oblivious to the fact that if you are actually successful as a cam girl, the exposure is intense and your family and friends will probably find out. I started camming in high school, and by the time […]

Sex Worker Discrimination and How to Avoid it! By Aerie Lovee

Cam Girls: How To Deal With Sex Worker Discrimination As many cam girl veterans know, the sex industry is highly discriminated against. Even though it is not as bad as it once was, it is still very much a problem in the industry, and it even troubles cam girls! Banks, payment processors, social media, hosting […]

Adult Snapchat: Combine Public / Premium Accounts – Aerie Lovee

  Easily Manage A Public / Private Snapchat On One Account A lot of models struggle keeping two separate Snapchat accounts active; one for promotion purposes and one for paid members. It is very daunting (having done it myself) and can leave one account looking sparse and inactive in comparison to the other. This can […]

Camming Aesthetics – Room, Profile, Appearance – Aerie Lovee

Camming Aesthetics – Setting Up Your Room, Profile and More We all know that when we’re on cam we want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, many cam girls invest in pretty lights and nice artwork to add style and beauty to their cam room. When you first get started camming, some girls […]

Working With Other Cam Girls

Performing With Other Camgirls As you have probably noticed there are a lot of cam girls who cam and make video content with other girls. It seems fun, and from personal experience it can be very fun! There are important things you should do before working with another cam girl, that some people tend to […]