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I’m Aerie: a 19 year old cam model and clip creator. I’ve been working in the adult industry since 3 days after my 18th birthday (can you tell I was eager?) and I’ve been avidly supporting and supplying adult work since! I’m a vanilla and fetish model geared towards FemDom and FinDom, and look forward to spending many years building up more experience and continuing to share that knowledge with others.


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Post By Aerie Lovee

#MVSales Hashtag Causing Adult Model Twitter Shadow Bans? By Aerie

Twitter Starting To “Shadow Ban” Adult Industry Twitter Accounts Twitter used to be one of the best marketing tools for cam models, adult entertainers, and many other sex workers in the industry. But recently, Twitter has taken a turn for the worse in a new tactic to censor the industry by imposing “shadow bans” on […]

Is Streamate Going To Release A Clip Selling Feature? By Aerie

Rumors That Streamate Is Going To Allow Clip Sales There are rumors that Streamate is going to stop recording our privates and exclusives, and selling them for their own gain. Instead, they will be releasing a new system for models to sell videos through the site itself. Streamate is yet to make an official announcement […]

Introduction To Futanari: The New Fetish Taking Over Clip Sites by Aerie

Futanari / Futa: Hot New Fetish Taking Over Camming and Clip Sites There is a new fetish taking over clip sites, it’s popping up all over twitter feeds, in video titles and girls are making lots of videos containing it… you may be surprised by what it is: Futanari. If you are familiar with hentai […]

Camgirls: Introducing A New Way To Promote Snapchat – GhostCodes! by Aerie

GhostCodes: A New Tool For Snapchat Promotion / Finding Takeovers There is now a way for you to get viewers on your public or promotional Snapchat without doing too much work! Introducing GhostCodes, an app that allows you to post your code and include an “About Me” as well as your social media links. The […]

10 Camming Myths That Need To Be Debunked By Aerie Lovee

10 Myths About Adult Webcam Modeling That Need To Be Debunked When entering the cam industry a lot of impressionable young people are under the impression that the model they see on page one is the model that they will be. But there are some cam model myths that need to be debunked! Here are […]

Celestia Vega Sets Record Camming On MFC: 20,000 Viewers, Breaks The Site

Celestia Vega’s Porn Ambitions Might Have Came Earlier Than Expected Celestia Vega’s Camming On MFC: 20,000+ Viewers, Causes Issues It’s a typical Friday afternoon/evening (depending where you’re located) and you’re getting ready for cam, all dressed up feeling great, you go to log in and… wait, it’s not working? This is a problem many MyFreeCams […]

ManyVids Competitions: Why Some Models Are Fans, Some Hate It and The Controversy By Aerie Lovee

More Information Behind The ManyVids Competitions And How To Win Manyvids hosts contests almost every Wednesday. Some models love them and some hate them, but we all KNOW about them. The contests usually turn out anywhere from 100-200 participants on their less popular contest ideas, and 400-500 on their more popular ones (this most recent […]

Adult Clip Producers: How To Get More Custom Content Requests By Aerie Lovee

How To Get More Customers Purchasing Custom Content Requests Do you ever feel like every other cam girl or clip maker is getting custom video requests? Do you want to make more custom videos and you’re not sure what’s stopping people? Being a custom queen boils down to a few things. Since I juggle a […]

Five Things Camgirls / Pornstars Need To Quit Doing By Aerie Lovee

Five Trends In The Adult Industry That Really Shouldn’t Be I’m not here to hurt your feelings or put you down, but we need to stop giving the adult industry a bad name. We all do these things, I’ve even done them! Sometimes profit outweighs morals, and we all fall victim to it, but in […]

Introduction To FinDom (And How It’s Different From Insta Dommes!) By Aerie Lovee

FinDoms Vs Insta Dommes and How To Get Started By Aerie Lovee Financial Domination is on the rise, not just in the adult industry but on social media (specifically, Twitter.) Many girls reach age of maturity and take to Twitter to enter the exciting world of Financial Domination, often mistaking it for Sugaring. . . […]