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I’m Aerie: a 19 year old cam model and clip creator. I’ve been working in the adult industry since 3 days after my 18th birthday (can you tell I was eager?) and I’ve been avidly supporting and supplying adult work since! I’m a vanilla and fetish model geared towards FemDom and FinDom, and look forward to spending many years building up more experience and continuing to share that knowledge with others.


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Patreon Announces “Patreon Lenses” – Adult-Friendly Snapchat Alternative

  Patreon Announces Adult-Friendly “Patreon Lenses” Patreon just launched an awesome new feature in the wake of a horrible catastrophic Snapchat update that everyone hates. The new feature is the equivalent of Snapchat Stories, it is called “Patreon Lens” and you are able to sign in to the Patreon app and post stories just as […]

ManyVids: MV Girl Accounts Vs Producer Accounts by Aerie_SM

Should You Switch From An MV Girl To A Producer Account? Do you use ManyVids? Are you not so happy with your rank? Do you produce a lot of content collabs? You may not be using ManyVids as well as you could be. The best way to improve your ranking and traffic possibilities is by […]

IndieBill Site Builder Vs ModelCentro by Aerie_SM

IndieBill Website Builder Versus ModelCentro A Comparison between the IndieBill and ModelCentro site builders. *Keep in mind that the IndieBill site builder is still in the beginning stages.   Design Options / Capabilities As far as user control and ability design goes, IndieBill is nothing in comparison to the vast options ModelCentro has. I honestly […]

How To Do Sock Fetish Camming Shows and Clips by Aerie_SM

How To Get Started With Sock Fetish Videos and Shows Everyone knows about the foot fetish, but do you know much about it’s lesser known sister: the sock fetish? Sock fetishes can be divided into two large categories, the fetishist who loves the sock, or the fetishist who loves the foot that is in the […]

How To Do Smoking Fetish Clips / Shows by Aerie_SM

How To Get Started With The Smoking Fetish The Smoking Fetish is a very common fetish and has been for as long as I can remember. It started way back in the early days where cigarettes were marketed as a “trendy” item for hot women to puff on, somehow hightening their attractiveness. While many people […]

Video: How To Do Sissification Fetish Shows / Clips by Aerie_SM

 How To Do Sissification Camming Shows and Clips The sissification fetish is where a male is treated as a “Sissy”, which is a male that is made to act like a female. Sissification is very much a domme/sub relationship, and you’ll need a dominate personality in order to be good as sissification. There’s also […]

How To Do Daddy Fetish Clips and Cam Shows by Aerie_SM

How To Do Daddy Fetish Role-Play Camming Shows and Clips The daddy fetish is something everyone has heard of. For some reason, a large amount of guys love being called daddy. But what does this mean for the model and should she be comfortable with it?   The Roots Of The Daddy Fetish (Age Play […]

Nail Tapping Fetish: Creating Nail Tapping Clips by Aerie_SM

The Fingernail Tapping Fetish and Creating Tapping Clips Nail tapping is one of the newest fetishes to surface in late 2017, with 5,413 clips on Clips4Sale and 46 pages of them on ManyVids, it’s pretty fair to say this fetish has taken clip sites by storm. But why? Nail tapping, a form of ASMR, can […]

New Streamate Features: Cammodel Redesign and Mobile Streaming

Streamate Announces Some New (Mobile Focused) Features This month Streamate has rolled out a bunch of new updates, this is the message sent out to models regarding the updates:   Important updates for all Streamate Models. New Videos for Sale Option! In our September Newsletter we announced the new video manager, which lets you upload […]

Mobile Offline Tipping Feature Added To Streamate by Aerie_SM

New Offline Tipping For Mobile (Desktop Coming Soon?) Streamate has recently launched a new and exciting feature! Members using mobile can now offline tip models. Tips work the same as they always. Streamate pays out 35% for non-studio models or 75% in the spending comes from a customer who signed up under a model’s Cammodel […]