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Want to work from home, only work the hours you want and get an opportunity to earn up to $10’s of thousands of dollars per month? Now you can get paid from live webcam sex.

There are many models out there that have achieved financial independence and are living the lifestyles they want to live. All this is possible as an amateur in the adult industry. Here’s how to get started as an adult webcam chat host.


What’s Required To Start Your Live Webcam Career

In order to get started, you’ll need a couple things. Here’s what’s required to get started with your live camming job:

Must Be At Least 18 Years Old – In order to get started, you need to be at least eighteen years old. If you’re over eighteen, great. If not, you still have some growing to do.

Digital Copy Of Photo ID (Age Verification) – Before you get started, you’ll need to get your identity verification for age verification purposes. This is due to federal regulation that all the sites must be compliant with. It’s a requirement that will exist for any site your register with. Your personal information and real identity is always kept private and secure.

Webcam (HD Preferred!) – Of course you’ll need a webpage. An HD webcam is highly suggested and you’ll make more money off having a better feed. Some camming sites even require an HD webcam, although many will accept stock laptop webcams as well. If you don’t have an HD webcam, you should upgrade right away!

Computer – Check the hardware requirements when comparing camming sites. Requirements vary from site to site. Any modern computer should be adaquate to run the camming software.

High-Speed Internet – A wired internet connection (Not WiFi) is strongly recommended. Using an ethernet cable will greatly increase your internet speed and the quality of your camming shows. High-speed internet is a must. Many camming sites have upload speed requirements.

Place To Perform – You’ll need a place for your live webcam shows. Most models use their bedroom or a specific room dedicated for live camming.


Suggested Additional Items

In addition to the requirements to get started, there’s also some suggested items to have for your shows. Here’s some of the things you might want for your camming shows. Please note: It’s possible to acquire these items over time.

Lingerie / Outfits – The more sexy outfits and lingerie you’ve got in your closet, the better. Even though you’ll probably be spending most your time naked or half naked, the ability to change up your looks helps your shows.

Toys – Having a wide range of toys to use in your shows (assuming toys will be used in your shows) helps add variety to your performances. You can change up the toys to break up the monotony. When you’re performing shows, you can always specify that you will Switch toys for X-amount of tokens. This is a great way to earn extra tokens during your shows.

Lube – Lube always comes in handy.

Cosmetics – You’ll want to look your best for every show. Having all the makeup and cosmetic items will help you look your best on webcam.

Lighting – If there’s not good natural light (or unnatural light) where you’re going to be performing, it’ll be worth setting up a lighting system. Here’s a guide on proper webcam lighting.

Props – If you’re planning on performing any shows that require props, you’ll need those items. For example; you can’t do a food fetish show without food or a baby oil show without baby oil.

Wireless Keyboard / Mouse – Having a wireless keyboard and mouse will help you type and work your computer without the awkward wires. This is useful if you show requires that you’re not constantly sitting right in front of the computer.


How To Apply For A Webcam Job

Applying for a webcam modeling job is quick and easy. There is no interview or hiring process. As long as you’re over the age of eighteen, you’re already approved! (please note, some networks do not accept male or transgender models) Instead of  a hiring process, there’s a verification process. The identities of all models must be verified for federal compliance reasons. Once your account has been verified and approved, you can start performing live and earning on webcam.


Before You Begin: Picking Out Your Stage Name

Before you register for for a camming site, you’ll want to first pick out a stage name. This is your adult persona and what you’ll go by on webcam, on any social media associated to your camming career and any other adult websites you register for. It’s important to think long and hard about this and pick out something that’s sexy, rememberable and a name that you like.

Here’s some tips for picking out your adult performer name.


Picking Out An Adult Webcam Site

Now it’s time to register for a camming site. There’s tons of webcam sites hiring models, and not two camming sites are exactly the same. All the sites will have different traffic, payout rates and features. There isn’t necessarily a best camming site, as what works best for one model might not necessarily work best for you. When picking out a camming site, here’s some things to consider:

Site Traffic – Picking out a site with good traffic means that there’s a better chance of getting tons of people in your chat room. It might also mean that there’s more models, making the site competitive. Either way, a site with good traffic is better than a ghost town.

Model Pay – This doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the site with the highest payout percent. You might also want to check whether or not the site does chargebacks, payout schedules and how much the traffic generally tips.

Site Features – Some sites have way more features than others. Some sites will even let models sell additional services like content sets and phone sex. When comparing camming sites, look for the ones with the features you like best.

Privacy Protection – Most camming sites will have some form of regional blocking. This is important for keeping your real identity safe and secure. You don’t want anyone you know seeing you performing on cam.

Hardware Requirements – If your computer won’t handle the software the site won’t work. If you’re a Mac user, make sure that the software works with Apple products. Some camming software will only run on Windows.


Setting Up Your Profile Page

Once your account has been approved, it’s time to configure your profile. Your profile contains all the information about yourself (minus real name and location) and what kind of shows you perform. Filling out your profile will help people find you and determine whether or not you perform the type of shows they want to see. It’s very important to have your profile filled out as complete and accurate as possible.

How much you can customize your profile will depend on the actual camming sites. Some sites allow for custom HTML to make your profile really unique, while some sites are a lot more simple. Here’s some basic tips for filling out your camming profile:

Use A Good Avatar – This is something that’s very important and something that many new models could do way better at. Your avatar / profile picture is insanely important. Remember, you’re going to be competing with thousands of models to drive traffic to your chat room. When members are browsing through models, they’re seeing lists of profile pictures. Having a great profile picture will help you stand out from the crowd and get more clicks.

Fill Out Profile and Bio – Be sure to fill out your profile and bio as accurately and completely as possible. Many people will search for models based on a set criteria. Having complete information will help you come up in those detailed searches.

Describe The Shows You Perform – It helps to list out the types of shows you’re willing to perform on webcam. This will help people find your profile in search and it’ll also give them a menu or sorts. This makes it easier for the customer to determine whether you’re offering the type of shows they want.

Add Photos and Media – Most camming sites will allow you to upload photos and other media. Some sites will even let you sell that media directly from your profile! Adding both free and premium media to your profile will greatly help with sales. It gives a sample of what you’re working with. If someone reaches your profile while you’re not online and they like what they see, they might follow you so they know the next time you’re back online.

Link To Additional Sites / Social Media – Some adult webcam sites allow you to link to other sites, your website and social media accounts. Linking to your other sites is useful for upselling / cross-selling and building a social media following.

Include A Chat Rules – It’s useful to include chatroom rules on your profile page. This lets people know what is out of line and what might get them muted or banned. Having chat rules can help reduce rudeness and trolling.

State What You’re Not Willing To Do – It’s very helpful to state what you’re definitely not willing to do in shows. This will save time and energy negotiating with people who are interested in shows you are not willing to do.


How To Do Performances and Get Paid

Now that you’ve filled out your profile, it’s time to get started with performing. Certain camming sites behave differently than others. For example; some cams will limit what you can do in public chat to encourage models to get people to private. Some sites will let you sell a wide range of services beyond camming! With most camming sites, there’s two kinds of chat: public and private.

Public Chat – Public chat is where your chat room is open for anyone to watch. Models perform in public chat for tips. Your first impression might be that public chat isn’t as profitable, but for most models that’s not the case. In public chat, you’re able to collect tips from multiple people instead of just one customer. Because you’re exposed to more members, public chat also makes it easier to build up a following, as more people will find you and follow you.

Most models in public chat work towards tip goals. The model will indicate what amount of tokens are needed to perform the specified show. The members in the chat room all pitch in until the tip goal is met. Once the tip goal is met, the model performs the show. Many camming sites will have tools for managing tip goals that also provide a countdown in the chatroom.

Private Chat – Private chat is between you and a customer and is billed out per minute. A private chat might be cam2cam, where you can both see each other, or it might only be your cam visible to the customer and the communication is done through the chat box. Private shows are either negotiated before they start, or the model makes the customer aware of the show menu and what’s not available. This avoids surprises when the private chat starts. Many models will require a minimum show duration.


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