Snapcash / Square Alternatives For Adult Models

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Adult-Friendly Snapcash / Square Alternatives For Models

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an adult model wondering if it’s okay to use Snapcash or other Square services to accept payments for adult content. Unfortunately, it’s not, and there’s models who have had their accounts suspended for using Square products for such transactions. Luckily there’s tons of alternatives to choose from. Here’s some Snapcash / Square alternatives for adult performers.


Networks For Selling Snapchat Accounts

If you’re trying to sell access to your Snapchat account, or otherwise monetize Snapchat activity, there’s plenty of solutions designed for this. There’s other networks that weren’t meant for Snapchat specifically, but have functionality to create custom store items. You can use these sites to sell access to Snapchat. Here’s what is available:

IndieBill – IndieBill is a platform that specializes in Snapchat subscriptions, as well as Skype shows and downloadable content (videos, photo sets, audio, ect). IndieBill offers 85% payouts, the highest in the industry, and a percentage that rivals the actual payment processors such as CCBill. IndieBill will also create custom websites for qualified models.

YouKandy – YouKandy is a platform for selling videos, photo sets and live camming. They’ve also got a functionality that allows you to sell access to Kik or Snapchat directly from your profile page.

ManyVids – ManyVids is a very popular clip selling site. Although ManyVids specializes in videos, sellers are also able to sell a wide range of services on the site. ManyVids allows models to create custom store items, which can be used for selling Snapchat access.

ExtraLunchMoney – ExtraLunchMoney is a network that allows models to offer a wide range of services. ExtraLunchMoney specializes in content sales and texting, but models can also create their custom store items, which can be used for selling Snapchat accounts.

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Adult-Friendly Digital Wallets

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to transfer money between account, there’s several adult-friendly digital wallets available. These digital wallets work very similarly to PayPal. It’s important to note that whoever you’re accepting payments from will also need an account on the same platform.

Paxum – Paxum is a very popular PayPal alternative that’s adult-friendly. Paxum behaves just like PayPal. You’re able to send money between other Paxum account holders. You’re also able to transfer money back and fourth between a bank account.

Payoneer – Payoneer is another popular digital wallet that caters to adult performers. Payoneer isn’t publicly available for USA models, but you can get an invite in order to accept payments from a vendor using Payoneer for payouts. Some members might have to go through additional steps before being able to transfer money between accounts.


Networks For Selling Adult Products / Services

If you’re looking to sell other services, and make money from networks outside of Snapchat, there’s tons of networks that facilitate this. In addition to giving you a way to accept payments, they also have tons of customer traffic looking for the services you want to offer. Here are all the different networks you can get paid performing and selling services on.


Camming Sites

Live cam shows are very popular and very profitable. If you want to get paid from performing live on webcam, there’s tons of networks that you can get paid performing on. All these sites make it insanely easy to make money from private 1-on-1 sessions or public chat. Check out what networks are available to perform on.

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Amateur Marketplace Sites

Get paid selling clips, photo galleries and many other products or services. There’s a huge selection of adult marketplace sites out there. These sites make it incredibly simple to get paid offering a wide range of products and services. Some of these sites only specialize in clips and galleries, while others allow models to create their own custom store items that can be used to sell just about anything.

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Phone Sex Networks

Get paid from your mobile phone. Phone sex has been around forever and now it’s adopted mobile technology. You can get paid from talking or texting. Plus, there’s tons of apps models can use to earn (Snapchat included). Make money while away from the house and on the go. Tons of phone sex networks which make it easy to sell your services and offer privacy protection to keep your real number secret and secure.

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Selling Skype Shows

Make money from Skype shows. Skype shows are very similar to camming, but take place on Skype. Of course, video chat is the most popular. Models can also do audio only and even texting using Skype. Because Skype covers the bandwidth expenses, the networks offering Skype shows can pay models a much higher percentage.

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Charging Monthly Subscriptions

Charge monthly subscription fees for customers to access your content. There’s platforms for deploying your very own adult paysites. There’s also platforms that allow you to accept subscription fees for content that you upload to their network. Running a fanclub is great, as it creates a residual income stream.

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Selling Tangibles: Panties, Prints and More!

There’s a big market for tangible items, especially used panties. There’s even networks that specialize in that specifically. Tons of other items can also be sold outside of just panties. Sell signed photos, artwork and anything else you can brainstorm.

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