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Adult-Friendly Social Media Alternatives For Performers

Social media is an insanely valuable tool for adult performers. Not only is it an effective marketing tool, but it’s also 100% free to get started with. Although many of the social media sites don’t allow adult content, there’s some that do. Even those sites are no guarantee, however, as their terms of service can always change. Luckily there’s some social media sites that directly cater to adult producers and talent.


Even The Adult-Friendly Sites Are Getting Stricter

Even the traditionally “adult-friendly” networks (like Twitter and Tumblr) are starting to get less adult-friendly. Each year, networks like these continue to implement new features, usually making adult content harder to get discovered. Shadow-banning has become a major issue, and there’s people seeing their social media plummet. Without the traffic, there’s really no point in promoting over these sites anymore.


Social Media Sites For Adult Performers:



Diverxity – Social Network For Glamour and Adult Models

Diverxity is probably the best match for an adult-friendly social network. Diverxity has a very interesting business model. The platform itself is free, but there’s a premium component to it as well. In addition to using Diverxity as a social media platform, models can earn additional revenue in several ways. Models and producers earn a revenue-share from the premium subscription. Individual pieces of content can also be sold on the network.

Diverxity – Adult Social Media and Premium Subscriptions



OnlyFans: Sell Subscriptions To Access Your Pics and Videos

OnlyFans – The “Premium” Social Media Site

OnlyFans is a social media site with a twist. In order for people to see someone’s content, they must subscribe. The subscription could be free or cost a monthly fee. OnlyFans accepts adult performers, as long as all the profile / cover images are all safe-for-work.

OnlyFans: Adult-Friendly Premium Social Network



Pornhub Marketing For Camgirl Models

Tube Sites With Social Media Elements

Tube sites are a major turnoff to a lot of people in the industry. That is because tube sites enable the uploading of a lot of stolen content, and the tube business model has wrecked the paysite model. All that set aside, the tube sites have a big social element to them, outside of the clip element. The other thing to consider is the fact that tube sites are always going to be adult-friendly. Therefore, they are an adult-friendly social media alternative to consider.



Camgirl Tumblr Marketing

Twitter and Tumblr Are Still “Adult-Friendly”

Networks like Twitter and Tumblr are still adult-friendly, although these sites keep getting more strict about their content policies. Many of these sites are also ghost-banning adult accounts, making it harder (sometimes impossible) for their content to be discovered on the platforms. This is most likely going to continue to trend this way. Therefore, those promoting over these platforms might soon have to start using them like they were SFW platforms.




Promoting On The SFW Social Sites

Even the networks that don’t allow for adult content can be used for promotion. And as more networks turn their back on adult, the ability to market through the SFW channels will continue to become important. Even without linking to any explicit content, these networks can still be used to promote content and services. The idea is to use them to build name-recognition, and when they start searching (Google or otherwise) they’ll be able the camming sites, clip sites, personal website and other adult web properties.



More Marketing Tips

Looking for more marketing tips? Check out our marketing section. It contains tips, tricks, information on different sites that can be used for promotion and more. There’s a lot of different ways to promote products and services. It’s also a lot more complicated for adult performers, as they need to tiptoe around TOS and content policies. Learn more about how to best promote your services.

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